2010-2014  Secondary School of Applied Art Kosice - Slovakia
2014-2022  AAAD Prague, painting studio of Jiří Černický and Michal Novotný

2019  Resilience, Editorial, Vilnius, LV
2018  Stepping on a Lego, Polansky Gallery, Prague, CZ
2018  Living The Gimmick, VUNU Gallery, Košice, SK
2017  Sleepy Eye, Wasted Time, Via art Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017  Life for Dummies, Parter, Polansky Gallery, Prague, CZ

2020  Máscaras (Masks), Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto, PT
2019  Swamp Horses, Spirit Vessel, Espinavessa, ES

2019  The Hills Have Eyes, Hotdock Project Space, Bratislava, SK
2019  VDIFF, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ
2018  Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart, Holeškovická šachta, Prague, CZ
2018  WET, at Haunt Project Space, Yogyakarta, IDN
2018  SUV organized by Galerie A.M. 180 at Spinnerei Leipzig, DE
2018  Oчевидное невероятное,  427 Gallery, Riga, LV
2018  First I Have to Put My Face On at Foothold, Polignano a Mare, IT
2018  Some People Are Worth Melting For, Ginny Projects, Wales, GB
2018  Reflection in a Glass Scorpion, A.M.180 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017  Contours arise from cold diode-rays, Horizont Gallery, Budapest, HU
2017  Hypebeast Vertigo, NTK Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017  Material 307, DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, CZ
2016  Irreversible Shift, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, (CZ) 

2019  Floating Eyeball, part of (Cover) PANE project, Milan, IT
2019 Beta Ground (Delirium Obstacle), O Fluxo Instagram TV 2020 Wounds heal faster in a metallic mouth, extension of Beta Ground (Delirium Obstacle), O Fluxo Flatland

2019  Friend of a Friend: FUTURE GALLERY, Berlin/Mexico City, Prague, CZ
2019  Liste - Art Fair Basel (Pakui Hardware, Jakub Choma), Basel, CH

Jakub Choma (SK, b. 1995) Lives and works in Prague, Czech republic. In his work develops the aesthetics of digital waste with emphasis on the material nature of the seemingly immaterial digital environment. He uses his picture assemblages as segments from which he creates within installations larger wholes in the form of ambient assemblages. He has recently used cork, which he works and shapes in different manners while deliberately employing the often contradictory associations connected with this material. His art is typified by the aesthetics of DIY, a phenomenon that he places in contrast with the current trends of new materialism.